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Open courses

Big Results Training offers training and workshops in a number of areas:

Our delivery depends upon demand, so if you are interested in a particular course, please email us and ask about our next training.


NLP Training, Devon programmes:

iStock_000021022342SmallNLP training,

NLP Practitioner Courses,

NLP Diplomas

One-day NLP workshops

– NLP for effective communication

– Introduction to NLP

– Coaching with NLP

Stress Management and Mindfulness Training

– one day workshops

– introduction to Stress Management, and/or Mindfulness

– longer programmes

Courses are either open to the public, or contact us for more information if you would like us to create a customised workshop for your business.

Laughter Yoga in businesses and organisations 

Bringing joy and lightness to the workplace, boosting morale, improving communication, connectedness and creativity.  People who enjoy coming to work achieve more.

– Laughter Yoga for Change Management

– Laughter Yoga for Team Building

– Laughter Yoga for Stress Management

Mindfulness in Businesses and Organisations

Living and working mindfully, instead of mindlessly.  We spend so much of our time “tunnelling” in stressful situations, mindfulness provides both a respite from current stresses, and a tool to engage with the “now”.

– Mindfulness short programme

– Introduction to Mindfulness

– Mindfulness Sustainable Sessions

Resilience Training

Building tools and methods to increase our resilience can take time, but the results are worthwhile. Encouraging resilience to stress, boosting well being and supporting our healthy workplaces.

– Linked to Mindfulness and/or Laughter Yoga

– Creating programmes that suit your organisation and people

Confidence and Assertiveness training

Just part of helping people be the best they can be.  Confidence and assertiveness skills can be taught effectively, resulting in less stress and higher resilience.

– Confidence and Assertiveness under stress

– Boosting confidence for Change Management

– Confidence and Assertiveness for Leadership

Communicating with Impact using NLP

As part of the NLP training we focus heavily on communicating with impact, offering shorter programmes that are focused purely on communication.  Our Communication programmes can be created in anything from 1/2 day to full week programmes. We also offer ongoing communication programmes across 6 months, with 1/2 day per month.

– Communicating with teams

– Communicating with Customers

– Getting your Point Across

– How to Say No, but get to Yes.

 All training programmes can be tailored to suit your organisation. Taking into account your needs and that of your teams.