Whether you are seeking a facilitator for an established event, or you’d like us to create and facilitate a brand new event for you… Big Results can help with your facilitation.

Sue Haswell is a trained facilitator.  She has trained with the Institute of Cultural Affairs and facilitated events and training for many years, across the UK.

Here are some of the facilitated approaches and solutions available to you from Big Results Training.

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Group Consensus Facilitation
  • Open Space Technology
  • World Cafe
  • Action Learning

    agreement fist bumps after facilitation

Which one do you choose?  Well that all depends on your delegates and your chosen outcome.

Blended facilitation approach or specific?

Often we may choose to use a blend of these approaches, for example, if we want to achieve group consensus on an issue at the end, but first you want to have an open space to explore potential solutions.

It’s also possible that time won’t allow for depth of exploration of a topic so you might want to go straight into one particular tool that will suit the delegates and the chosen outcome.

We will work with you to help design and facilitate the right event for the outcomes you are seeking.

Here are some of the opportunities to use a facilitator:

  • Impending change – either by choice, or forced upon the organisation
  • Under-performing teams or departments
  • When you want to find out how to tackle an issue
  • When you want to tap into the vast resources of information in a company, team or department
  • To bring a team or department back into alignment  after a change in the team or an upheaval (eg: redundancies)
  • When your team or department has a problem and you need to resolve it.

For more information on how Facilitation can help your business or organisation, please give us a ring or email us: