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About Us

The Big Results Team came together through serendipity, synchronicity and a deep respect for each other’s talents.  We believe we are excellent at what we do.

As a company that is commited to supporting the wellbeing and team-work of all our clients, we focus heavily on our own wellbeing and team work too – as you’d expect.   We are all on our own journeys to learn and improve, and here at Big Results we’re no different and we are often adding new dimensions to our lives, experiences and training offerings.

Big Results Training may be based in Devon but we are also happy to travel, and frequently we’ll be delivering sessions as far affield as Scotland.  We have extensive networks in Birmingham, Bristol and London, and those also tend to be where we’ll meet clients or deliver training to head offices and their regionals.

We have a great team of associates, and each is specialist in their chosen area, from NLP to stress, therapy or wellbeing.  Also in Marketing, PR, media training and other more corporate elements.

Julia and Sue are the backbone of Big Results Training, so here is a little more about us:

Here’s a little about each of us as individuals…


Sue Haswell

Sue Haswell is a qualified and experienced trainer and coach, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT practitioner, and Laughter Yoga Teacher. She has also been running her own successful communications, training and consultancy business for over 18 years.

Sue has worked with a variety of major organisations throughout the UK, to help improve their communications, Marketing and creativity. Offering coaching to individuals whilst supporting the wider implications of corporate or wholesale change has helped her clients create a positive resilience, often enabling them to “flip” from inflicted change into greater creativity.

Sue’s passion is in exploring the benefits of laughter, play, mindfulness and emotional well-being. Sue trains Laughter Yoga leaders and works using Laughter and mindfulness as a positive force for health, personal change and growth in numerous environments including major corporates, businesses, schools and prisons.   Sue’s book, PR Superstar, is available on Amazon.



Julia Bickley is an experienced coach, trainer and organisational development specialist.  She has worked within the field of personal and organisational development for over 15 years, in both the private and public sector and is an accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP.

Julia has an encouraging, relaxed and natural style, bringing understanding and support to people she is working with.  Julia has a genuine desire to help people move forward, achieve goals and improve their lives whether this is directly through coaching or supporting learning and personal growth through training.  Self-development is a passion for Julia, she has experienced success in many areas of her life through learning and is fully aware  of the impact this can have for people.