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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Our train-the-trainer training is a high-value, experiential and intensive training set across one, two or even three days of training, depending on the level of training you require

Here you can learn how to train and deliver exciting and engaging workshops or training.

Our NLP interactions will be a useful addition to any trainer’s toolkit, plus loads of additional training activities to polish your training performance.

Train-the-trainer is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the practical skills to deliver masterful training and workshops.

Train-the-trainer using NLP and well-tested training skills.

Gain the tools and techniques you need to train – any course or workshop

Full of take-away tools and models that will enable you to deliver any training topic with the appropriate energy and engagement.   This is a fantastic opportunity to bulid training skills around a focused, relevant and consistently required workshop.

Included in the Full Train-the-Trainer Toolbox:

  • The difference between coaching, mentoring, facilitation and training.
  • Training tools to engage – and those to avoid like the plague!
  • Understanding the different ways to present information, and why it’s important to mix them all up.
  • Understanding the learning ladder – how people learn, different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) how to engage with all of them.
  • Johari’s window – taking people from unconscious incompetence, to unconscious competence (via conscious incompetence and conscious competence)
  • An understanding of Behaviour Types, and how these can influence a learning scenario
  • People-management – tackling issues and the tricky customer
  • Listening and questioning skills to keep the training under YOUR control
  • Keeping the training moving – and choosing the pace
  • Facilitation skills – when you want maximum group interaction
  • The values of silence, gaps and stops.  Reflection and pacing.
  • The values of doing, trying things on for size, questions and debates.
  • Body language and verbal language “tells”
  • Building rapport
  • Confidence in presenting
  • Consolidating the learning – testing, pacing and measuring the benefits
  • Training opportunities and delivery – along with guided feedback for 360degree learning.

The training can be centred around delivering a specific workshop that you need to deliver in the future, or it can be a more generic workshop, with broad train-the trainer techniques for confident, professional facilitation and delivery.

Creating your ready-made training task force.

We can help you create the perfect workshop, and then deliver train-the-trainer training so you will have a “ready-made” task force, trained up to go out and deliver.

Contact us for more details.