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EQi Emotional Intelligence

The quality of our relationships underpin our quality of life...

This applies as much to a work environment as any. By improving our interpersonal relations with the use of Emotional IntelligeEQi Emotional Intelligencence, we can create greater effectiveness, support happiness, improve team-working and team-dynamics. We can work to ensure every individual is feeling valued and supported, in the way that matters to them.

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is essential for the optimum level of effectiveness in work and home life. Of course, different levels and skills in Emotional Intelligence may be required depending on the use of it. For example, it may be more important to be able to understand and assess team dynamics, personal and people competences, when leading a management team. Or, for team-workers, it may be more essential to embed a greater understanding of how to be a more effective team-player, at the same time as not compromising your own beliefs and values.
In a nurturing, or family setting, EI is essential to manage relational dynamics with people of varying emotional intelligence or maturity.

Our courses in Emotional Intelligence are tailored to specific contexts, and for this reason we will take a brief to ensure we are meeting your criteria. You may want Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leaders, in a particular environment. EI for teams, EI for individuals or EI in a specific context (eg: managing crises, under stress, or facing change).

We also run a generic “Introduction to Emotional Intelligence” training course which is aimed at management, leaders and management-designates. This One Day course ePeople showing emotionsxplores the competences involved in emotional intelligence in leadership. It covers self-motivation, self-awareness, emotional and state management, in addition to relationship management. It looks at how to self-assess and develop further in these areas.

At the start of a generic day (or via a pre-course questionnaire) we will assess the requirements and adjust the contents accordingly. The likely areas that will then be covered include:
• What is EI – the core skills
• The need for EI – why even bother?
• The business case for EI
• Assessing Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Management, including our relationship with ourselves.
• Emotional Literacy, Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Management –
• Emotional Intelligence Framework – the 5 domains of EI
• Working from the ‘inside out‘
• Using Mindfulness Techniques – S.T.O.P.
• The effects of your Emotions on others – manage yourself, manage others
• Developing an inner wisdom
• Tools and techniques to develop emotional awareness and self confidence
• Keep it going – why this isn’t just a one-off workshop, but a life-change
• Understanding and developing EI in others
• Using your influence with EI, rapport building
• The emotionally intelligent leader
• The emotional intelligent team
• The emotionally intelligent organisation

How will this Emotional Intelligence course help me?  Learning outcomes

This one day EI course, offers the time, skills and opportunity to take an audit of your personal emotional intelligence, and reflection time to assess the EI of your team and your organisation.
You will gain a better, and practical understanding of how Emotional Intelligence can support you and your team in work, and the difference that can be achieved by working with emotional intelligence.
You will have created and understood an assessment of your intra and interpersonal competencies and how they impact on the way you work, and the people you work with.
You will have developed a plan for self development in the relevant areas of EI, that you will also have self-assessed to require action.
You will continue to build on your understanding of the EI of your team and your organisation, with an ever-clearer perspective on how emotional intelligence, and relationship quality, impact on their effectiveness and their productivity.

Although we are based in Devon, we offer Emotional Intelligence training throughout the South West and the UK, for corporate/organisational training.

(We regularly offer Emotional Intelligence training in Devon, as an open course.  For more details please email