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Our NLP Delegates for 2015/6 came from a wide variety of backgrounds, skills and experience. From PA’s and support staff to business owners, CEO’s, HR professionals and coaches.  We have loved working with them every step of the way, and judging from the feedback and reviews they gave us, they quite like us too!!!



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Lea reviews NLP coursePeter and Lea giving NLP reviewsRobbie and Julia give reviews on NLP Course DevonRachel reviews NLP CourseShaun NLP Review VideoNLP Course Devon review by Ellie

“Thank you Julia Bickley and Sue Haswell. My journey with ‘Big Results Training’ has provided me with more than I could have imagined and at a value I cannot question.

“This NLP Practitioner course is by far the best learning I have undertaken. I was challenged, and I have changed, and all with the comforting guidance of Julia & Sue. Delivered at a pleasurable pace in the stunning surroundings of Exmoor National Park. 

“I simply can’t recommend this course and the providers enough.

‘Your thoughts affect your feelings and your feelings affect your behaviour: Think – Big Results Training, Feel – the change happen, Behave – be the person you want to be’

‘Love, laughter & learning… what more could you want’

‘Big Results – Big time!’

‘The best journey I’ve ever embarked on’

‘If you’re thinking whether or not to undertake this learning, think no more; trust in Big Results and let the magic happen’

‘Julia & Sue delivered the course with such knowledge, intent and integrity that you will simply learn and cannot undo the learning’s.’

‘Change is the only constant and now because of this course, I will constantly change too.’

‘Big Results Training provide you with all the resources, reassurance & skills required to become an effective, natural NLP Practitioner for life’Testimonials1