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Resilience Training

“Dragon Slaying” or resilience training

Resilience: “The quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and to come back stronger than ever”.

Resilience to climb mountains

Gain the resilience to keep going

Resilience is far more than stress management – by acknowledging, understanding and building our mental and emotional resilience we can tackle stress, deal with long term issues and we can even stretch ourselves to achieve our goals. Reaching and fulfilling our greatest potential and feeling on top of the world.

About the workshop:

An action-packed experiential workshop to get to grips with growing and expanding our resilience, providing a dragon-slaying, dragon-taming Toolbox.

The “dragons” that undermine our resilience come in many shapes and forms, including:
o Limiting beliefs
o Emotional control or lack of
o Hindering thinking
o Believing our thoughts
o Fear
o Stuckness

In a fun yet profound way, this involves recognising the dragons – identifying and dealing with the issues that undermine our resilience…ultimately taking back our power – recognising the power within, and the tools to create ever more resilience. A virtuous cycle.

This course will also discuss:
• Being more present
• Adding joy to life for building resilience
• Listening and paying attention to our Mind/Body
• Stretching ourselves and building new neural pathways
• Creating realistic and achievable goals

Duration: ½ day or full day workshop.