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It’s all about our inner language and programming…

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming was established in 1970’s in California by Richard Bandler & John Grinder.  Together they employed the best examples of excellence in a variety of fields, to create a multi-faceted discipline that incorporates psychotherapy, communication and personal development.

Today NLP is frequently the cornerstone of programmes developing human potential, well being and stress management.  The fluidity of NLP offers a surprising range of options when it comes to managing state (managing stress), offering choice of response, resilience, personal well being and communication styles.

There is plenty of information about NLP in the media, and numerous books have been written.

Big Results team members are all NLP trained to Master and Trainer level, and the company offers NLP training including workshops, development days, diplomas and practitioner programmes.  We like to think our difference is in the “experience”, as we provide a safe and encouraging environment for our delegates to understand NLP techniques via a rigorous programme of activities.
For more information about our NLP training, please contact us.

Programmes can be created to suit your organisation’s needs.  Ask about our bespoke NLP training.

Open courses include:

  • NLP workshops
  • NLP Diplomas
  • NLP Practitioner Programmes
  • Coaching with NLP
  • Communicating with NLP

For our NLP Practitioner Programme, please see HERE