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Use savouring to celebrate every day

I did have a fabulous day, and I certainly ate cake (rather too much to be fair!).  Also, because I promised myself I would skive off, I enjoyed the act of “watching but not responding” to what was going on and it reminded me of how often we can dash in to respond to events, emails, posts, etc. without waiting to see how they unfold, or what they truly mean.

So yesterday was a brilliant reawakening to this. I sat by the sea, drinking cappuccino, and simply savoured the moment. When I checked social media later on, I also savoured people wishing me a happy birthday. A thoroughly relaxing day to remind myself of the joy of savouring.

Savouring is known to help relaxation, appreciation and to deepen the moment, removing us from the hussle and bustle of RE-action, and allowing us to choose wisely of our actions… or indeed our choice not to act.

I’ll continue today (well apart from the skiving thing … shhhh) and I invite you to also “savour” today. Be it a cup of coffee, a conversation, or a beautiful view. Don’t rush by, just take a few moments and really immerse yourself in the experience. Because you don’t need to celebrate a birthday to celebrate every day.

Please share how your savouring has gone. What have you savoured today? What did you take time over, instead of rushing? How much calmer did this make you feel?

Savouring is part of the Mindfulness tradition.  For more information about mindfulness see


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