The hidden effect of our actions


Last week I ran a series of workshops at a local university to mark Mental Health Awareness week.  The theme: Stress Management during Exams.  And the sessions went as follows:  Stress Management, Laughter Yoga followed by Mindfulness. Just three short hours to get across some very big messages.   I must admit I was concerned, after all I usually deliver Stress Management as a 2 or 3 hour session – and yet, somehow it happened.  But that isn’t what this article is about. You see, there were similar numbers booked to attend all the sessions.  Approximately 12 to 15 people were expected to attend each one. I wasn’t surprised that fewer […]

Use savouring to celebrate every day


I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I did have a fabulous day, and I certainly ate cake (rather too much to be fair!).  Also, because I promised myself I would skive off, I enjoyed the act of “watching but not responding” to what was going on and it reminded me of how often we can dash in to respond to events, emails, posts, etc. without waiting to see how they unfold, or what they truly mean. So yesterday was a brilliant reawakening to this. I sat by the sea, drinking cappuccino, and simply savoured the moment. When I checked social media […]

Dear…. why you should choose NLP for your career path


A friend contacted me today. She wanted to pick my brains as her company has offered to fund some training for her.  “So what do you recommend?”  she asked, via text. Of course I picked up the phone immediately to get a better understanding, a clearer brief.  She was in a bit of a quandary because there was no particular or specific training that they had suggested, it was entirely up to her.  “I want a set of qualifications, more letters after my name, just something to give me even more gravitas as a trainer” she said. After I pointed out that she is already a VERY skilled trainer (seriously […]

The 7 minute Wake-up Booster to choose your emotions and well-being for the rest of the day.


Stimulate your life-force, feel great and wide awake, ready to go yet beautifully balanced, with these simple tools. Suddenly waking from sleep and throwing ourselves into our daily lives is disorientating.  We go to sleep gradually, and it is best for our wellbeing to awake gradually. Our minds may still be “jarred” from a particularly active dream, or still be woozy from sleep, so  take just 7 minutes to check in with your mind/body and reap the benefits all day long. Best done as soon as you step out of bed (after you’ve been to the loo, of course) You’ll need:  A mirror, a glass of water, space to swing […]

The importance of lone worker and personal safety…


Training for Lone Workers and Personal Safety It is often assumed that personal safety is ‘common sense’, however, it is impossible to prescribe ‘off the shelf’ solutions for all situations, such is the diversity of the ‘workplace’ in the 21st century and the variety of beliefs and experiences that colleagues will bring to the workplace. What is important is to help colleagues to understand their responsibilities and how to anticipate, avoid and manage potential violent or aggressive situations that may occur at work therefore providing them with the skills to manage unexpected situations in the best way. Over the last decade, the number of violent incidents at work has declined […]

NLP and the Stoics


A hunger for knowledge makes me read numerous books. I don’t mind whether they are philosophical, mindfulness, NLP, scientific neurology books, or lighter pop-psych books. One that I picked up recently “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday had me gripped. I read it in two sittings. The journey to Venice and on the plane returning home again. One of the stories Ryan quotes is about a couple of rival fruit companies wrestling with the complexities of doing business in South America. Each of these fruit companies wanted to get their hands on a prime area of land for growing tropical fruit, however the legal system of this area, […]

Dr Seuss meets NLP Training


Dr Seuss meets NLP Training I was brought up in a very “British” household. We had Sunday roasts, watched the queen’s Christmas speech in a revered silence, and celebrated the jubilees and royal weddings with gusto. This was all my mother’s doing.  She was such a Little Englander, with a real downer on anything American, which is why I ended up with a dull (and slightly more anatomically correct) Cindy doll instead of the glamourous Barbie. And why I was brought up on Janet and John and “Winds in the Willow” rather than the imaginative and funky Dr Seuss. I confess – it’s taken me a few decades but now […]

How does NLP training support organisational development?


How does NLP training support organisational development, employee engagement and HR practice? The Human Resource Manager, from a Local Government organisation, expressed this view about her NLP learning and skill development:  “I would say definitely do NLP and this course in particular, investing the time in doing it has been transformational” NLP Practitioner Development is not just about coaching; change processes or therapies, it is so much more. “We don’t know what we don’t know” If that saying rings true for you, you’re not alone.  It’s fairly standard that we simply don’t know what we don’t know and if by any chance, the rationale behind NLP has passed you by […]

My NLP Journey… or the resilience to deal with curve balls…..


My NLP Journey.  Or: “The resilience to deal with curve balls, and knowing whether I bat them away, miss them, or even get knocked down by them – I’ve not failed, I’ve simply learned another lesson.” By Julia Bickley Life throws you some curve balls at times doesn’t it?  Sometimes you see them coming and can prepare yourself and other times they can knock you down. Having the resources, resilience, insight and ability to deal with this in a solution focused, positive way is just brilliant, no, it’s much more than that… it is life-changing. Several years ago I experienced the knocking-down kind of curve-ball.  This was a big one […]

Getting to know… Julia

I really enjoy learning and have always loved seeing other people develop and grow personally and professionally. This passion has led me into the field of people and organisational development and the discovery of NLP. So here is how it all began… Julia’s journey:      After learning a bit about life when travelling in Morocco I returned home to Kent and completed a business degree. I discovered my passion for developing and supporting people not long after this trip, when working as a performance team coach within a sales and service environment. It was eye opening to see the difference that engaging and supporting people had to the team’s […]