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Training Testimonials

We are really proud of our testimonials and the difference we make with our clients.  Our aim is iStock_000020730459vsmallto offer great training in the South West, the Midlands and beyond. The following testimonials were chosen from our vast bank of positive comments (for which we are very grateful), and if you would like specific testimonials or references, please do ask:


“Sue and Karen ran an excellent course for our political leaders and senior managers on media interview techniques: supportive, friendly, but also challenging, with plenty of opportunity for each participant to get involved and to put the theory into practice”
Andrew Lacey, Communications & Reputation Manager, Mid Devon District Council

Sue has delivered several training courses for Mid Devon District Council (based in Tiverton, Devon) including those focusing on NLP techniques, stress management and Mindfulness.

We have always found her to be the ultimate professional, happy to discuss our particular needs and developing material to our exact requirements. The courses delivered have been engaging, fun and informative and we have had excellent feedback from the delegates.

I would be happy to recommend Sue to anyone who is looking for quality training delivered by an exceptional trainer.”   Michelle Thomas, Mid Devon District Council

“Sue Haswell ran a mindfulness session for my team here at East Devon District Council. She introduced us to the concept of mindfulness and then gave us a taster session in terms of mindfulness practice. Thank you for the testimonials

“The techniques she taught were simple, easy to remember and really effective. Back in the workplace we are still talking about the session and keep nudging each other to be mindful when things start getting to us. Sue’s friendly, energetic and engaging style make the session really fun and enjoyable and she even won over those more skeptical members of the team!”  Karen. East Devon District Council

“Sue’s positive, upbeat style is a breath of fresh air and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. She is resourceful, reliable and well organised and responsive to new ideas – a real pleasure to work with.” – Lynne, Business in the Community, Bristol.

“I was hugely impressed by Sue as a trainer.  No mean feat to make a workshop accessible to newbies and experts.  I was worried at the beginning that it would be about manipulating the public like companies like coca cola do.  whereas it was about understanding how to contact and connect with the people  we want to.  I liked Sue’s non corporate persona – presumably tailor made for us.”  Andrea, Transformational Breath Association

Reference names given on request for the following:

“Sue is full of life and engages people brilliantly. Working with Sue has been an enjoyable experience, she is understanding and extremely knowledgeable and responds well to all kinds of people and situations. Her NLP skills shine through in the training delivery and she has a natural and interested style, so people warm to her. I would recommend training and learning with Sue, the experience is memorable, fun and really informative.”

“The training has given me plenty of ideas of how I can tailor my target audience and some tools  to maximise some basic marketing methods.”

“Julia is one of the most experienced trainers I’ve worked with.  She brings a smile into the room, and is an engaging and uplifting personality for all training courses.”

“I thought Sue presented the day with just the right mix of knowledge and skill balanced with humour and practical applications to what was a totally diverse group with regard to their marketing experience. I was really pleased with how the day went”

“I really enjoyed the training.  The trainers brought a boring subject (complaint handling) to life, and suddenly I was alive with the possibilities.  Now, rather than dodging complaints I greet each one as an opportunity.  I feel skilled, encouraged and enthused.”

“Julia’s NLP expertise is exemplary, I felt I was in the company of a master, and was confident to try out new skills, stretch my boundaries and take on new challenges.”

“What a wonderful trainer. Easy going yet at the same time she really succeeded in motivating us. I now have a much clearer picture of where to go with my marketing. The day was really enjoyable and fun.”

“Having reached a multi-layered cross roads in both my professional and home life the timing of Sue’s NLP coaching could not have been better! .  Sue has helped me  ask relevant questions based on how far I have come, where I am now and where I could get to with the right thinking strategies.  Sue’s calm and reassuring manor has helped me challenge my negative self-talk and put action strategies in place to flip the ‘inner-bully’ based on past successes and identify the ‘choices’ I have regarding where I can go next.  My time with Sue has felt serendipitous and has put me back in the driving seat in creating circumstances rather than waiting for circumstances to happen. I now use Sue’s techniques to overcome blocks on a day to day basis. We will definitely be keeping in touch.  I can’t thank Sue enough!”

“I recently worked with Sue as a trainer for the first time on our companies programme and she really brought it to life. Sue’s passion was unmistakeable and she was not constrained by the guidelines we set, but was able to be flexible and intuitive to our client’s needs whilst fulfilling the brief. Our groups are often very mixed in terms of ability and confidence, but Sue put everyone at ease and encouraged them to get the most out of the sessions we had together. I would recommend Sue wholeheartedly as a trainer, she was fantastic, and the clients agreed too!”

“Now I have the tools to build strong foundations for any future marketing for my business, plus lots of inspirational and simple ways to grow my business from these renewed roots”

“Simply expert”

“I was hugely impressed by Sue as a trainer. No mean feat to make a workshop accessible to newbies and experts. I was worried at the beginning that it would be about manipulating the public like companies like coca cola do. whereas it was about understanding how to contact and connect with the people we want to. I liked Sue’s non corporate persona – presumably tailor made for us”

“Sue’s approach was absolutely right for the mixture of individuals within the group
She’s a first class communicator and trainer. The pacing of the day was perfect and in summary I would say she exceeded our expectations on every level”

“I feel that the techniques we learnt today I will actually be able to use, practise and improve on to help me cope better with stress”.

“I’ve already told lots of people about the course and I am so glad that Sue managed to squeeze in some time for Laughter Yoga and I think the laughter carpet should be a must for everyone.”

“Extremely good fun and relaxing course, best one I’ve attended in a very long time, thank you.”

“I can thoroughly recommend this course, it was a fun enjoyable experience and refreshing. By far this has been the most enjoyable course I have been on, thank you Sue.”

“Mind opening, cleared away negative thoughts and enabled me to focus on the here and now.”

“The day just flew past, no clock watching! Great fun and we all now appreciate the benefit of laughing. Learnt loads of useful tools which I will definitely put into practice.”

“I agree with the others and would like to say that one important thing that made the course so enjoyable (apart from Sue!) was the fantastic group of people who attended. There was an immediate feeling of camaraderie amongst us and we certainly found lots of common ground.”

“I really enjoyed this Stress Awareness and Mindfulness Course. It was not at all what I was expecting!!! I was actually laughing last night about the laughing session so already getting the benefits. I will recommend it to others.”

“I told my friends that it was one of the most beneficial courses I have been on. Some really good practical advice was given and the laughter was brilliant. I have recommended it to a couple of people within the council already.”

“Thank you for providing us with courses that are so beneficial.”


For specific testimonials or feedback, please contact us.  We will also be happy to put you in touch with our clients for more information: