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Learning and Development

Make the most of your people with an outsourced L & D Department

Investing time and money to develop your team is vital to enhancing performance, increasing skill levels and ensuring you have a motivated and engaged workforce. Why would you not want to ensure your workforce are not performing well, feeling valued and doing the best they can for you? As Sir Richard Branson said: “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”Business Talks

Seems simple doesn’t it?  And still we come across so many people working within organisations who view training as a chore, something they must do to tick a box before they can get back to doing the day job. This thought process doesn’t seem limited to the workforce, sadly, but trickles down through the organisation from the top and has just become the way things are done around here.

Make the most of your training with a strategic L&D plan

There are those eager people, that recognise training is a reward, an investment and a way of moving forward; not necessarily in terms of career but in terms of self-awareness, ability to do more, be more and have more. There is no doubt that personal development opens up opportunities and choices and in my experience, takes you places you never thought you would go!

So what do organisations invest in, what training and development will make the most difference to their employees and the success of the business? Who should make this decision, the budget holders? The managers? An L&D specialists? The employees themselves?

Being that L&D specialist, my answer will lean towards doing an effective training needs analysis to identify the development is needed and what the measure of success will be. Then ensuring that the training is appropriate, measured and delivered at the right time, right place, and right pace.

How to appoint an outsourced L&D Service:

The team at Big Results work closely with organisations to ensure that we deliver a learning experience that will make a difference to people back in the workplace. We understand the importance of getting it right, spending the time to establish the needs of the organisation and the individuals involved and really making a difference. We would love to help your organisation in getting it right, identifying your organisations development needs and the best way of delivering this to meet your needs and those of your individuals.

So, if you feel your organisation could do with some support to make the most of the training that you provide, and help to identify the best training opportunities, please contact us.