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Becoming unstuck is ultimately our responsibility.

Letting go of old internal beliefs and thoughts that are outdated and no longer relevant to the life we want to create.

Letting go of outward representations of the old way we used to be.

Letting go of the old to make room for the new. At times this can be painful and other times joyful.

Are we the centre of our own universe? Well, lets look at this more closely. It is said that “At the beginning their was sound and the word.“ Try not having a thought for 10 seconds and you may agree that nearly every moment of our lives we are talking to ourselves in our minds and these words have a particular sound or tone associated to them. (Word and sound)

At some point as you read through this article you will begin to analyse the information and compare it to what you already believe.  During this process you will engage in an internal dialogue with yourself, either agreeing or disagreeing with what is being presented. This dialogue will have a particular tone.  Typically the tone will be of an agreeable or disagreeable nature.

Our thoughts think us!

The voice in our head runs almost continuously along with an associated tone that accompanies it. This tone will vary depending on the situation internal dialogue is responding to.

Internal dialogue is our interface with the outside world. We use it for example: When we do problems solving, thinking about things we need to do the following day Or even standing in the supermarket and deciding whether to buy the discounted pack of 3 cream cakes. The nature of the tone varies. It can be for example: Supportive, critical, sarcastic, kind and even mischievous to name but a few.

If you’re saying “I don’t talk to myself” without opening your mouth, you’re doing it right now! 🙂

Tone and words in our head and the language we use out loud trigger feelings in the body. The feelings trigger action and drive our behaviour.


  • Focusing on thoughts make them stronger. (Through focus and attention))
  • Resisting thoughts makes them stronger. (Through focus) and attention)
  • The more thinking we do about a specific thing the more real it becomes until we experience it outside of our self.

“Well, there are things that just happen to me, what about them? “ That’s true. Things do just happen!

On the surface it appears that there are experiences that just happen. We however give them meaning! We continue to breath life into them and keep them real by focusing on them or resisting them. Every time we think about them, speak about them, we are breathing more life into them. Keeping them in our and other peoples reality.

The most beautiful and the most monstrous things have initially been created by a single thought.

The creation will have led to similar thoughts. These thoughts eventually became an action that gave way to more action. Eventually through further focus a thought become its own creation. .

I think we can agree we are the centre of our own universe and create new experiences moment by moment. We keep old realities in place through thought, language and action.

The question is “Where do you put your attention and focus.”

Ask yourself:

  • What do you talk about on a day to day basis: both out loud and in your head?
  • What tone do you use in your internal and external communication?
  • What feelings are you triggering from those very words?
  • What behaviours follow the feelings you experience?
  • What are you continually saying in your life that you don’t want?
  • What are you focusing on and resisting in your life?

The more energy you use when focusing or resisting a thought, the more real that thought becomes. And the story continues.
This is the reason why I love the work I do. It’s about getting down to the core of reality. The real fabric that makes up everything we are experiencing on a day to day basis. By changing our focus we can change our lives and create the reality we want. : )
Watch out for our next articles, offering specific techniques and methods of creating a space between you and unwanted thoughts and internal dialogue. I will offer you a powerful way to change the tone of your internal language so it instantly weakens it hold over you, in terms of the negative impact it has on you emotionally and mentally.

And, if you’d like to find out more about how to use tone, words, energy and focused attention to quickly re-program specific thinking patterns, and introduce new ones into your reality… why not sign up to our newsletter?  LINK

These simple tools will allow you to quickly begin to take greater control of your thinking and emotions. The internal landscape!