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Getting to know… Vinny

Vinny’s journey

Vincent Grant, or Vinny, is an accomplished and professional trainer, therapist and change management coach. He’s spent time training with the best of the best, and invested decades and many £thousands into his achievements – like all of us at iScape, he didn’t consciously choose this as a career when leaving school. 

Here’s his journey: Vincent Grant

Hi, my name is Vinny and over 27 years ago I was inspired to ask myself the following question: “Would I consciously choose every behaviour, belief and past experience – in terms of how I react to them both mentally and emotionally?”  My answer was ‘No’   I then committed to explore this concept a little deeper to experience what was beneath the conditioning.

Learning simple techniques I began unravelling negative beliefs, unwanted patterns of behaviour and releasing old emotions connected to both negative and self limiting experiences.

As I unravelled the social conditioning I once defined as myself. I became more confident, energetic, alive , emotionally intelligent, free, passionate, healthier, successful, loving and joyful.

I also trained in NLP to Trainer Level with two of the leaders in in NLP in the World: Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. I later became a Co Trainer with Richard and Paul for over three years. I also trained extensively in Life Coaching, NLP Business Coaching, Eye Motor Desensitization Reprocessing, TFT, Hypnosis and Laughter Yoga.

Today this has now become my life’s work and passion. Facilitating people to create positive changes in their lives; and to continue my own path of development towards becoming a fully conscious human being.

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