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The importance of lone worker and personal safety…

Training for Lone Workers and Personal Safety

It is often assumed that personal safety is ‘common sense’, however, it is impossible to prescribe ‘off the shelf’ solutions for all situations, such is the diversity of the ‘workplace’ in the 21st century and the variety of beliefs and experiences that colleagues will bring to the workplace.

What is important is to help colleagues to understand their responsibilities and how to anticipate, avoid and manage potential violent or aggressive situations that may occur at work therefore providing them with the skills to manage unexpected situations in the best way.

Over the last decade, the number of violent incidents at work has declined with the incident rate remaining fairly stable over the last 5 years.  However, in 2014/15, 285,000 working adults experienced work related violence which included threats and physical assault.

There is often both physical and emotional consequences for victims of violence at work and it can have a significant impact upon people’s health.  Everyone who leaves for work should expect to return home in good health. Ensuring that colleagues return safely to their families and friends is the most important reason to create a safe working environment.

Big Results Training is delighted be offering Personal Safety Workshops to support employees who, at times, or regularly work alone.  This workshop may be an ideal refresher on the actions and processes that should be in place to ensure your own, or your team’s personal safety.  An ideal opportunity to review how your policies and organisational procedures work, ensure you are also taking personal responsibility around your safety.  Being knowledgeable and prepared is key, along with ensuring good practice remains a part of your daily routine.

Our Personal Safety at Work workshop will support participants in anticipating their personal safety risks by working towards either avoiding, reducing or managing those risks.

Our experienced trainer, Michelle Thomas, trained by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, will facilitate these workshops, engage participants in discussion around their experiences and good practice, share a range of skills and tools for self-management.   This workshop will continue to support policy changes, improved team and organisational practice and clarity around personal responsibilities for regular lone workers and employees who at times find themselves working off site, or on work visits alone.  Ensure you and your team are confident and knowledgeable around personal safety at work.

See our Personal Safety and Lone Worker Training HERE:

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