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How does NLP training support organisational development?
Rachel reviews NLP Course

How does NLP training support organisational development, employee engagement and HR practice?

The Human Resource Manager, from a Local Government organisation, expressed this view about her NLP training, learning and skill development:  “I would say definitely do NLP and this course in particular, investing the time in doing it has been transformational”

NLP Practitioner Development is not just about coaching; change processes or therapies, it is so much more.

“We don’t know what we don’t know”

If that saying rings true for you, you’re not alone.  It’s fairly standard that we simply don’t know what we don’t know and if by any chance, the rationale behind NLP has passed you by – then it’s worth taking a little time to make it something you do know about.

Awareness or curiosity?


Julia Bickley, author of this post.

At Big Results Training we often welcome workshop participants with a wide range of awareness of NLP already. Perhaps they have experienced it first hand or read about it, or met someone who has expressed the huge difference the learning made to their life.

It is always a great pleasure to expand people’s skills to use NLP in their life and work and even more amazing when we see them taking that learning forward and sharing the skills and knowledge with others to enable them to make positive changes too.

So, come on, what on earth is it?

I am often asked to explain what NLP is, as this label can be somewhat confusing… Neuro Linguistic Programming… what a mouthful!  Perhaps the term “A manual for the brain” might be more useful.

I try to lose the NLP labels though, and I say to people that the core skills relating to NLP are ones which they use and have used most of their lives, some of which get them great results and others could benefit from being revisiting in order to help them get better results.

How would you think, feel and act in your life if you had self-belief, positivity and learnt from all your life experiences?

I particularly like the quote, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”.  Think for a few seconds – what would you do differently, what could you achieve, what impact would it make on you and those around you?

“NLP – the positive difference that makes a positive difference”

I have so many stories of how NLP learning has made positive changes to people, and many of these stories come from people who have an impact on others.  Managers, HR people, advisors, consultants, therapists…anyone who interacts as a trusted advisor, confidante and supporter. On our most recent NLP Practitioner course we had the pleasure of training a range of people from varied organisations, some coaches, some self-employed business owners, others professionals within organisations that wanted to make a difference.

One recently qualified NLP Practitioner, a Head of HR and Corporate Support said this about the NLPL learning and what she has got from it, but personally and professionally.

Rachel reviews NLP Course

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Totally life changing, both on a personal but also on a professional level.  Personally the amount of self-growth, more awareness for myself.  My thought patterns, that were quite limited, that I have managed to overcome and I have bags more confidence that I have taken in every area of my life.  So from a personal level it’s been a massive success for me and what has been more interesting for me is the professional side and brining NLP into the workplace.  I have done it through all sorts of ways, through coaching, which I was already doing but actually now doing it with much more awareness.

More awareness of some of the tools and techniques that we have learnt and some of the language and thought processes.  I am coaching with a lot more curiosity, understanding where the other person comes from and this has raised the bar in terms of my coaching skills.

Recruitment, another area!  Fascinating… watching body language when recruiting and understanding where you might want to probe a bit more deeply. I have begun to make even better recruitment choices because I am much more aware and listening much more intently to the person that I’m interviewing.  I think it gives them an improved experience and a better impression of our organisation but definitely gets us better results. Incredible!

Thinking ahead into the next phase – organisational development, there are so many ways I am going to introduce NLP.  Through learning and development courses for our managers and leaders, for our staff in terms of their own personal leadership and development and to really moving us forward as an organisation. 

What kind of organisation do we want to be?

How do we want to relate to people, our key stake holders, our customers? 

How do we want to be perceived? 

Using NLP to guide that, to support the way we structure everything, including our customer service.  I think this will take us forward and enable us to continue serving our communities and support our purpose, the reason for our business. 

I would say definitely do NLP and this course in particular, investing the time in doing it has been transformational”

“Just do it?”

Yes, we know Nike has taken ownership of that statement, and perhaps you would rather find out more than throw yourself completely into such a life-changing activity.  So how about just being curious and investigating NLP to find out more?

Because what you don’t know yet might just be that life changing learning that makes so much difference to you and those you support and engage with.

How to find out more about NLP Training?

Schedule a phone call or a meeting with either Julia or Sue to discover more about NLP.

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We are happy to run bespoke NLP training to support organisations too.

Ask us.  We’d love to talk.

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