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Bespoke and Contact Centre Training

Specialists in Contact Centre training, our bespoke training programmes are suitable for any organisation, from public to private sector, not-for-profit, charities, multi-national businesses or SMEs.

We tailor content according to our clients, and if required we can create a totally Bespoke Training Package to suit you.

We understand the demands and requirements of busy organisations and  contact centres. From short-impactful training that fits in with hectic schedules and demanding targets, we help by creating high take-home value for people to transform the stresses in our lives. Our training is built around the needs of people. No fluff, no waffle, just value and deeply-supporting change.

Not just contact centres

Our expertise stretches beyond the contact centre into the whole organisation. We have tools to support change management, management development and leadership.  Let us work with you to create a brief, then deliver the very best in knowledge and skills-based training throughout your entire business.

We offer a range of programmes like communications, complaint management, presentation training, sales skills, customer service, marketing, PR, content writing and customer-behaviour assessment.

Confident Communicating

Emotional Intelligence

Personality Profiling (MBTI)


PR & Marketing Training

Media (Face the Broadcast Media) Training

Stress Management

Wellbeing in the workplace

Space and Time 2 Be

NLP – introduction, diploma, practitioner and applied

DiSC Behaviour Profiles

MBTI Personality Profiles



We also offer open workshops, and can create a bespoke training for your organisation.